The Speleological Club of Crete (S.P.O.K.) was founded in 1999 in Heraklion, Crete by speleologists and naturalists with the aim of getting to know the unknown underground world and promoting its study. Its main fields of action are the exploration and study of underground and above-ground karst (geo)forms (caves, cave cliffs, sinkholes, underground rivers, sinkholes, etc.), their recording with modern mapping and photography methods and their publicizing public of the knowledge gained, by publishing books, writing reports and scientific papers and presentations.

SP.OK. is a founding member of the Speleological Federation of Greece (S.O.E.) and a member of the Cave Rescue Committee. It operates mainly in Crete, but also in other parts of Greece and abroad, organizing or participating in caving expeditions. At the same time, it maintains cooperation with local and regional authorities with the aim of jointly promoting the protection and management of caves which are integral parts of our natural heritage.

To date, the Group has carried out numerous educational activities, the most important of which is the publication of the books “Underground Rivers of Crete” (2008) and “ICHOR: Journey to the Giant’s Veins” (2009) in collaboration with the ITANOS publishing house in the context of series of publications “Speleological Tours in Crete”. Other characteristic programs are the following: “Karstic Diversity of Mount Kouloukona” (2003-2005), “An Underground World: a comprehensive educational program for children aged 7-12” (2003-2004), an educational film entitled “Emilios, Sophia and the cave” (2007), “Exploring the caves” 2nd educational program of SPOK. for children aged 7-12 (2008), “Recording arts and caves” (2012).